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The studio

Liron Bracha is a graduate (B.Des) of the faculty of interior design at Shenkar academy, 2009. After graduation, she has worked at ‘Moshe Zur architects’ firm, one of the largest, most influential architect firms in Israel, there she acquired experience in planning and project managing of complex projects of all scales. In 2014 she established a private studio with her husband and partner Yaron Bronstein which they managed together until 2019.

The Studio is located in the city of Tel aviv, and it's work focuses on the human scale, between the urban block and the building block, and in the whole spectrum of the architectural discipline: private, public, offices and commercial projects.


“I consider the work of planning to be 'a total work of art', in which the whole and it's parts, shape and material, motion and time, co-exist, as one.”


The Studio provides a variety of services, including: architectural planning and interior design, planning coordination, architectural supervision and project managing. It leads and supervises projects, starting from the initial planning process, through detailed and technical planning for tenders and execution, planning of all specifications and various construction details, supporting the client in obtaining all bids from the different suppliers, ending with architectural supervision during construction up to submission.


The studio's hypothesis, is that each and every project or design work, of all fields and budgets, requires an new inquisitive, precise, fresh, and uncompromising observation, that is specifically tailored to the client’s requirements and needs. As part of this perception, design hypotheses are being testes and challenged the basic premises, striving to plan and design "solutions" based on the specific needs and that are completely independent from different "dogma". By definition, such a process naturally leads to a continuous and fruitful communication between our clients and us, with a commitment to provide courteous and professional service at the highest level.

“We are obligated to celebrate the symbiosis that co-exists between architecture, design, arts and crafts disciplines.”

The Studio specializes in digital design and uses graphic illustration methods such as 3d renderings and animations videos, which makes the planning process more accurate and approachable to the client. This also enables the planning and producing of unique elements, by using 3D printing, laser cutting and machining (CNC) and other CAM technologies. all that, without neglecting the good old lead pencil.

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